Intercity Industrial Supply Vending Solutions


Intercity’s industrial vending solutions place commonly used items such as tools, parts and other MRO supplies where workers need them, while maintaining the proper security level at point-of-use. Intercity Industrial Supply offers the industry’s broadest variety of technologies and configurations, providing customers with maximum inventory flexibility, safety, and productivity anywhere on the shop floor. Industrial vending options include:

Benefits of Vending


When workers have the tools and supplies, they need close to their workstation, they are more productive and spend less time walking to the storeroom. With Intercity’s industrial vending solutions, you can monitor and report usage to control costs and operate better.

Additional benefits include:

  • Decreased inventory usage
  • Increased accountability through advanced usage tracking
  • Access to web-based solutions
  • Improved reporting capabilities allow usage tracking by device/user/job
  • Enhanced tracking of indirect materials for job coasting
  • Accelerated replenishment through customizable alerts to selected personnel and Intercity Industrial Supply
  • Reduced risk of COVID-19 transmission